House Framing Scripture Party

Hi, Friends! Can you believe that we are three days away from Thanksgiving Day 2019?! Time is flying by and sometimes I wish it would just slow its roll a bit. One year ago today some of you may remember that we literally started the process of tearing down our little house to make room for a new house.  I am happy to say that to date our house is completely framed and electrical is starting very soon. 

Since the beginning of this project, I always had in my mind that one day we would write scriptures and words of truth all of the house once the framing was complete. We have been on this house journey for over 3 years, so at times it felt like the day would never come when we would actually walk through our house and get the chance to write scriptures and notes.   I am here to say that it happened and it was truly a special day.  I knew that God placed the scripture writing on my heart from the beginning, but that little nudge to bless our home grew into something much more beautiful than anything I could have ever dreamed. 

Below is a little slideshow of some pictures of this process and moments that we have captured along the way. 

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We had a dear friend tell us about his friends who built a home and planned a scripture party after their home was framed. He said they all went out to eat and after dinner, they went to the house and wrote scriptures all over the framing of the house.  Immediately I started thinking about this idea of a scripture party and I knew that we were supposed to do it. Since the desire of our hearts with this home has always been for it to be a place where we love and serve others, break bread with friends and family, and create community; We felt that a scripture party was a perfect opportunity to share our first meal with friends while also blessing our home and filling it with scriptures.    

We rented tables, ordered BBQ, and invited friends to come over and eat with us. We had the opportunity to fellowship with friends, hear Paul sing a song he wrote for the occasion, and write scriptures and sweet notes throughout the house. The scripture party day is a moment in time that will stay in my heart forever.  

If you are building a home, decide to one day build a home, and/or know a friend who is building a home, I highly recommend that you do something similar to this because it was truly a special event.  We literally planned the scripture party in a week and went better than we could have ever imagined. Side note: We also planned our wedding in a week, so we think we might be onto something when it comes to planning fun events in a week.

I will share with you below all of the details about how we planned our scripture writing party: 

Scripture Party Planning Details: 

  1. Decide to do it. Pick a date and time. 
  2. Set up a FB event and invite your friends, community groups, neighbors, pastor, and anyone else God places on your heart. 
  3. Rent some tables and chairs (or you can just bring blankets to the house to sit on or camping chairs) 
  4. Go to the dollar store and get some fun table cloths. Since it is fall we had fall tablecloths and candy on the table. 
  5. Order Sharpies from Amazon and put them in a bucket. We chose to also have green sharpies because it is our family color.
  6. Pick up some cookies from Trader Joes or your local grocery store. 
  7. Order BBQ to serve to your friends and family who are coming over to your newly framed house (you can also order pizza). 
  8. Pray over the house. Pray over the food.  Hug everyone who walks through the door. And thank them for being there to love on your family. 
  9. Let everyone take a sharpie and write notes and scriptures throughout the house.  
  10. Take as many pictures as you can because it is a cherished memory that will stay in your heart forever. 
  11. Enjoy every moment!   

There are no words to describe our gratitude for the love that everyone showed us on this special day. My heart is filled to the rim.  We loved seeing everyone eating and enjoying community together in our newly framed home. I get tears in my eyes when I walk through the house and see the scriptures and notes written in every single room. When we live in this house we will forever know that these beautiful words of truth are written on the bones of our forever ever home. There is something so beautiful about that to me. I will never forget that day! (I think I have said that three times already, so it is clearly etched in my heart forever)

As a family we decided to go back again and spend some time writing on the walls since we still have the time before they put the drywall up.  We went back on Sunday to intentionally write notes to our boys in their rooms along with specific scriptures in their rooms and throughout the house. We also wanted to take time to write our wedding vows in our master bedroom. Spending time as a family writing scriptures and notes to each other on the framing of our house was such a peaceful experience. I pray that those scriptures and notes that cover my boys rooms will fill them with peace each night as they lay their head down to sleep.  I pray that when they think about what is written on the framing of each of their rooms it will be a peaceful reminder of how much they are loved.

Thank you to everyone who shared in this special day with our family. We love you and we are grateful for each of you taking the time to come over and bless our home with us. I will share another post next week with a list of all of the scriptures that we chose as a family to post in our home.  I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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