Two of a Kind… Two Teachers Who Have the Biggest and Best Hearts!

Today was the last day of school before summer officially starts for both of my boys. It’s hard for me to believe that Jackson will be in 1st grade and Lincoln will be in 5th grade. 😭 I want to take a minute to talk about Lincoln’s teachers, Mrs. Williams and Mrs, Taylor.

Mrs. Williams has been Lincoln’s teacher for two years in a row. I have never met a more loving teacher in my entire life. She champions our Lincoln and we have watched him grow tremendously in her classroom the past two years.

This year Mrs. Taylor joined Carnegie and she also took our Lincoln under her wing and helped him grow and blossom. Both of Lincoln’s teachers love him, hold him accountable, and have a genuine connection and relationship with him.

Lincoln talks about his teachers and his school with so much pride. He feels loved and he feels safe at Carnegie and those are two of the most important things for a child who has been through trauma. I spoke with Lincoln’s teachers today and the way they talk about our Lincoln fills me with so much emotion. They both said he has the kindest heart and they see his heart shining more and more each day. Mrs. Taylor told us that Lincoln has taught her so much as a teacher this year and she is proud of him for how much he has grown in his heart. I could tell at the start of the year she was not sure about Lincoln but it has been amazing to see their relationship grow.

When a child feels safe at school and when a child knows they have a teacher and a principal who loves and supports them even on the not so great days, the sky is the limit. Lincoln sat down and wrote both of his teachers notes last night thanking them for helping him through hard times. I don’t know if anyone will ever understand the depth of those words and that heart coming from my Lincoln.

If you are a teacher or an administrator and you have been navigating a tough road with a child who has walked or is walking through a difficult road in life, please don’t give up on them. I promise with the right approaches and the right support, those kids will one day blossom and I have no doubt set the world on fire. Lincoln’s story is being written daily and I can’t wait to see what he does in his life to help others who have also walked through hard places in life. I know God has big plans for our Lincoln.

Thank you to Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Taylor for loving our Lincoln and for helping him grow leaps and bounds this year. We are forever grateful for both of you. You are both going to be greatly missed next year. I have no doubt that you forever have a place in Lincoln’s heart. Thank you!

3 responses to “Two of a Kind… Two Teachers Who Have the Biggest and Best Hearts!”

  1. Robin Emerson Avatar
    Robin Emerson

    My heart is full of joy and love As I look at Lincoln and how he was when he came to us and how he is today. His trust is growing daily . His reflection is spot on. His self regulation strategies are effective and positive. His love for Jesus is evident. You and Paul have been the most perfect blessing for both of my babies. I have no words for the joy that Jackson brings to me every single day. I am blessed to be a tiny little part of their lives at Carnegie. I love you all. Thank you for trusting us with your boys.

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    1. Well, your comment made Paul and I both emotional. Your comment has touched our hearts in a big way. I don’t know if I can ever find the words to thank you for all that you have done for my family. We love you and we can’t thank you enough for loving our boys like they are your very own. Your heart for our boys and for every student in your school shines through in a big way. Lincoln and Jackson truly love Carnegie and that has everything to do with the way you and your staff love and value them . We are grateful for you and for all of the staff at Carnegie. Thank you for another amazing school year!


  2. Janna Greathouse Avatar
    Janna Greathouse

    I am absolutely sobbing right now – over your post and Mrs. Emerson’s comment. God is so incredibly faithful. I’m so grateful that Mrs. Williams, Mrs, Taylor, Mrs. Emerson, and you and Paul have allowed God to do so much work through each of you for Lincoln and Jackson and so many others!


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